Building your home…

Once you’ve decided building new is right for you… you’ll need to take a few things into consideration before buying your block. We have compiled some tips for you below.

1. Budget

Make sure your finances are sorted. Found out how much you can afford to spend before you begin planning. Talking with one of our sales consultants about your goals and dreams, is a great way to find your style of homes best suited to your bugdet.

2. Land

How wide and deep is your land? Will the home you have your sights set on fit on your land?

3. Design

How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and garages will your family need. What can you not live without? What do you want and what do you need in your new home? These are all great questions. Make lists of what inclusions you would like to have in your new build – that way our sales consultants can work with you to ensure you are building your dream.

4. Interior Design

How do you want your home to look and feel? What appliances, fixtures, colour scheme appeal to you? We recommend looking at Pinterest or Instragram for inspiration. You can never do enough research.

Remember, our sales consultants are always on hand to help bring your dream home to life.