Standard Inclusions 


  • 1. Designed wind loading of the works to be N1/N2
  • 2. Statutory obligations, Notices and Approval fees.
  • 3. 5 year structural Warranty
  • 4. 3 Month Maintenance Warranty
  • 5. 6 Star Energy compliant with Building Code of Australia.



  • 6. Site costs based on a level building platform have been included.
  •    a. Excavated material, soil etc to be spread over site as required.
  •    b. All left over rubbish to be removed from the site.



  • 7. Footings as per AS 2870 Residential slab and footing code to determined Classification of a Class ‘S’ site.
  • 8. Slab on ground as per AS 2870 Residential slab and footing code. Steel trowelled finish to house and garage floor. Concrete Pumps if required have been allowed for.
  • 9. Concrete to Alfresco, porch and driveway (up to 10Lm)



  • 10. Sewerage to be in accordance with SA Water, Local Authority requirements and approved drainage plan.



  • 11. Exterior finish to be a mixture of the following: Brick masonry/Board, Render or stone subject to Facade Plan and supply of Brick – PC Sum $1200.00/1000 Bricks.



  • 12. Framing to be Timber or Bluescope Steel external and internal (subject to availibility)
  • 13. Trusses to be Timber or BlueScope Steel (subject to availibility) and to Engineer’s Design (22.5 degree roof pitch)
  • 14. Porch as per plan (if included) under main roof with option of 350mm x 350mm brick piers or brick pier base with a 100m x 100m timber post (paint grade only)
  • 15. 2400mm ceiling heights



  • 16. All walls to be sheeted with 10mm plasterboard and set.
  • 17. Wet area Gyprock to wet area or equivalent.
  • 18. All ceilings are sheeted with 10mm plasterboard on steel ceiling battens with required insulation to achieve 6 star Energy rating.
  • 19. Plaster cornice to be 55mm cove and right angle corners.



  • 20. External linings to gables and soffits to be 4.5 Hardiflex or equivalent (paint grade), with PVC moulding and timber trims to eaves
  • 21. Gable and Dutch gable to be 4.5mm Hardiflex or equivalent
  • 22. Feature Gables at owners cost



  • 23. Exterior door frames to be pre primed
  • 24. Internal door frames to be pine (suitable for paint finish)



  • 25. Front entrance door to be solid core selected from the builders range.
  • 26. Exterior timber doors other than glass sliders to be Duracote Tempered.
  • 27. Weather and draft seals to external doors.
  • 28. Entrance locks to front door, back door and internal garage door
  • 29. Privacy locks to all bathrooms and WC doors. Passage sets to all other doors from standard builders range.
  • 30. Hardboard flush panel door suitable for paint finish with door furniture from builders range.
  • 31. Garage door to be panel lift door in Colourbond with remote control and 2 handsets and 1 wall control.
  • 32. Door stops to all internal doors.
  • 33. Aluminium Frame sliding robe door/paint finish.



  • 34. Architraves to be 67 x 18mm in size bevel edge
  • 35. Skirting to be 67 x 18mm in size bevel edge
  • 36. All moulding and trim to be MDF or equivalent for paint finish


  • 37. Shower screens to be clear laminated, fully framed with pivot door
  • 38. Mirrors to 900mm high to the full length of the vanity top.


  • 39. Powder coated aluminium windows and sliding doors.
  • 40. Window and Door schedule as per plan with internal key locks
  • 41. Obscure glass to bathroom, Ensuite and WC Windows.


  • 42. Roof covering to be Colorbond subject to Facade plan and supplied from builder’s range.


  • 43. Fascia and gutters to be Colorbond as selected
  • 44. Downpipes to be 90mm round PVC and painted
  • 45. Floor wastes to bathroom, showers and ensuite and Laundry (Chrome)
  • 46. 2 external taps to diagonal corners of the house
  • 47. Dishwasher provision with powerpoint and cold water tap.
  • 48. Storm water to Council Requirements
  • 49. 5000L rainwater tank connected to one waste ficture incorporating pressure pump, both installed on concrete pad.
  • 50. Semi-Automatic water softener, installed on concrete paver


  • 51. Bath to be 1525 acrylic from Builders range (White)
  • 52. Kitchen sink to be one and three quarter bowl stainless sink with one tap hole and right/left drain.
  • 53. Laundry tub to be 45 Litres complete with cabinet.
  • 54. Vanity basins to be from Builders range or similar to ensuite and bathroom as per plan.
  • 55. Shower bases to be wet sealed and tiled.
  • 56. WC Suite to be dual flush cisterns from builders range
  • 57. Hot water systems to be gas instantaneous wall mounted from builders range.


  • 58. Kitchen sink tap and Laundry taps to be Flickmaster type (Chrome)
  • 59. Bathroom and ensuite taps to be Flickmaster (Chrome)
  • 60. Washing machine taps (Chrome)
  • 61. Double towel rails to be tradesman 600mm in bathroom and ensuite – where applicable (Chrome)
  • 62. WC holders to be tradesman (Chrome)
  • 63. Water savers to all tapeware.


  • 64. Single phase connection to be underground.
  • 65. Up to 24 Double point powers (plan dependant)
  • 66. 6 x Single power points for cook top, range hood, fridge, garage door motor, NBN Enclosure (pre-wired, NBN Ready) and dishwasher.
  • 67. Isolation point for Air conditioning System
  • 68. Three exterior weather-proof points.
  • 69. Two TV points/ Two data points.
  • 70. 2 Interlinked Electric Smoke detectors as required to AS3786 and Part 3.7.2 Building Code Australia 2014.
  • 71. Up to 20 LED lights – Large Downlights to Bedrooms, standard LED to remaining rooms (plan dependant)


  • 72. Quality under bench oven with gas cooktop – (stainless steel)
  • 73. Dishwasher – (stainless steel)
  • 74. Rangehood – (Stainless Steel)
  • 75. Light fittings – LED downlights to all rooms. Long ‘fluoro’ to garage and Alfresco. LED Downlight to entry
  • 76. Ceiling mounted exhaust fans to bathroom and toilet where required – shuttered and flued to atmosphere.


  • 77. Kitchen bench tops and cupboards to be fully laminated with melamine shelves as per plan with one bank 4 drawers (soft close drawers) including cutlery drawer and tight form bench tops and cupboard doors. Overhead cupboards to ceiling. Selected colours from Polytec Range.
  • 78. Provision for dishwasher
  • 79. Overhead cupboards to be fully laminated to allow for under-bench oven and range hood from builders range
  • 80. Double vanities (as shown on plan) to be laminated from builders range.
  • 81. Built-in cupboards: Linen cupboards to be as per plan with 4 white melamine shelves
  • 82. Wardrobes to be as per plan with 1 shelf, hanging rail and sliding doors.
  • 83. Walk in pantry (where shown) to be as per plan with 4 white melamine shelves
  • 84. IT Desk to be post formed benchtop only (where shown)


  • 85. PC Sum of $38.00/m2 for tile supply.
  • 86. Floor tiling to bathroom, ensuite, WC’s, Laundry
  • 87. Standard stack bond pattern laid on rubberised adhesive.
  • 88. Floor grout colour to be chosen by client.
  • 89. Supply and lay 300mm x 300mm floor tiles to wet areas. Size outside this range, will attract additional labour costs
  • 90. Kitchen splashback – 300mm high (with no overhead cupboards) or to underside of overhead cupboard. Pricing based on standard 300 x 600 ceramic/porcelain tiles
  • 91. Laundry splash back – 300mm high (above tub). Pricing based on standard 300 x 600 ceramic/porcelain tiles
  • 92. Vanity Splashback – one tile high above vanity unit under mirror. Pricing based on standard 300 x 600 ceramic/porcelain tiles
  • 93. Bathroom and Ensuite walls – 1950mm high to showers, 600mm high above bath with full tiling to front of the bath, with chrome trim. Pricing based on standard 300 x 600 ceramic/porcelain tiles
  • 94. Skirting – 150mm high, using 300 x 600 ceramic/porcelain tile – split
  • 95. Wall grout colour to be chosen by client
  • 96. Soap holders from Builders range (Chrome)


  • 97. External and internal painting by Builder
  • 98. Plasterboard ceilings and cornice – 2 coats white
  • 99. Plasterboard walls – 1 coat undercoat sealer and 1 coat vinyl low sheen, selected colours only. One colour throughout
  • 100. Timber doors, jambs, skirting and architraves – 1 coat undercoat and 1 coat aqua enamel, selected colours only.


  • 101. Carpet to all bedrooms, Robes, Lounge, Media Rooms and passage – supplied and laid with underlay as per plan from builders range.
  • 102. Vinyl plank flooring to living, dining, kitchen areas from builders range 
  • 103. Roller blinds to all windows, Vertical blinds to sliding doors
  • 104. Wall Mounted Clothesline
  • 105. TV Antenna – included from builders range
  • 106. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system to all bedrooms and main living areas
  • 107. Builders clean to both the inside and out of home
  • N.B Any extras/upgrades chosen by the client will incur an extra cost. Steplen Homes reserves the right to substitue the make, model or type of any of the above products in the event that Steplen Homes changes suppliers or due to the product being unavailable or no longer compliant.